Adopt a dog or puppy from us

From Chihuahuas to German Shepherds, young lively puppies, or golden oldies, here at New Lives we have all kinds of breeds coming through our doors searching for their second chance at life. 

Why adopt from us?

We pride ourselves on re-homing happy and healthy animals into their new forever families. Our team has over twenty years animal handling and behaviour experience, so with our expertise and passion for rehoming we'll match you up with your new buddy! 

Welcome a happy, healthy dog into your home. Prior to adoption our dogs and puppies receive:
  • Veterinary health check
  • Spey and Neuter -  no animal leaves our care without been de-sexed!
  • Vaccinations are vital for the health of your animal, all dogs/pups will receive at least their first vaccination whilst in our care
  • Our dogs are all micro-chipped, and registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register.
  • Council Registered
  • Treated for flea's and worms
  • 30 Days complimentary pet insurance* (T&C's apply)

Adoption criteria

 We love it when people chose to adopt a dog or puppy from us, whilst welcoming a new animal into your home is very exciting you must remember it's a lifetime commitment. Each animal has a very different and unique personality and nature, and all have had very different past experiences. Prior to advertising our animals for adoption their behaviours are carefully observed, we soon learn what they are like with other animals, children, and how they deal with different situations. All of our ads state the kind of lifestyle and home that is best suited to the animal. We ask that you please read the adoption profiles carefully prior to sending adoption interest.

Adoption fee for all dogs differs - under 8 years old is normally between $280.00 and $350.00, this will be stated in the individual adoption advert. For dogs aged 8 years old and older, the adoption fee will be stated in the adoption profile. The adoption fee goes towards some of the costs associated with desexing, vaccination, veterinary care etc. 

**PLEASE note that our adoption criteria is NOT negotiable. ALL dogs/puppies will receive the above treatment. Dogs/Puppies will NOT be rehomed to houses where they are not allowed indoors (including sleeping indoors at night), we do NOT rehome dogs/puppies to unfenced properties, or homes where they will be chained or tethered.

**To adopt a dog/puppy from New Lives Animal Rescue you must have a fully fenced and secure property to keep the dog/pup safely contained. The dog/pup must be allowed inside the house and be allowed to sleep inside overnight. A property check will be conducted prior to adoption.

We do not adopt our animals on a first in first serve policy. We adopt our animals to homes that are best matched for the specific needs/personality of the animal. New Lives Animal Rescue reserve the right to decline any adoption application. Please do not be offended if your application for an animal is unsuccessful. ​​ 

Register your adoption interest

Dogs & Puppies We are now only accepting adoption interest and enquiries via email - we ask that you carefully read the full adoption profile to ensure that you meet the criteria listed for the individual dog/puppy.

If you meet the initial criteria and are interested in adopting please email us and provide any information that is asked for in the ad.

Due to an extremely busy daily schedule we do not have the resources available to respond or process any applications that are not received by email.

If we need further details from you or if your application is not successful you will be notified by email. If your application is shortlisted we will contact you and discuss the next stage of the process.

Please note that it could take several days for us to respond to your adoption application.

Foster a dog or puppy

Not quite ready to adopt? we are always searching for foster families to join our team! Find out more.

Dogs & Puppies available for adoption



Bull Terrier X


Cattledog X


Karapiro pups  (x2)
Cattledog x?


Rotti X


Unknown- possibly Huntaway x


Dotti's puppies (x4)






Name: Boston
Breed: Crossbreed
Age: 12-24 months old (approx.)
Location: Hamilton Area
Adoption Fee: $300

Boston is currently living his best life in his amazing foster home, he has his own bed, his favourite toys and snacks, lives close to a park, gets heaps of cuddles and love from his foster mum and even gets to go on a road trip each day to go and play with his awesome buddies at Hamilton Hounds Doggy Day Care, (who very generously sponsor our foster dogs whilst they search for new families!) life’s pretty good and whilst we all love him, we want to see this fab boy find his very own forever family.

An unclaimed stray at a pound, we don’t have any history on Boston, we estimate him somewhere between 12-24 months old, as for breed; possibly a Kelpie/Heeler/Staffy mix (but we can’t be sure!) Regardless of his breed he sure is one cruisy, affectionate and fun-loving guy, and he’s going to make a loyal companion to one very lucky family!

Energetic and playful, he loves other dogs, playing with his toys and a good hoon (and roll) around the park. He’s great with people, and adores to accompany his humans on their daily adventures. He isn’t suited to a lifestyle where he will be left alone all day (he thinks that sounds boring!!) Boston isn’t a fan of cats, he can become fixated on them and will chase if given the opportunity, so he requests a home without the presence of the feline gods please!

His foster mum has put an amazing amount of time into this boy and he reflects this in his respectful and loving behaviour, he listens well and is eager to please.

He’s desexed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, council and NZCAR registered, up-to-date with flea/worm treatments and is even adopted with 30 days free pet insurance! He is $300 to adopt (which helps go towards some of his vet costs) He is currently located in Hamilton.

Does Boston sound like the dog of your dreams? He wants to hear from you! 

Please phone 027 649 9088, we will not take applications via PM or text. Leave message if no answer and someone will get back to you within 24hrs.

Name: Nala
Breed: Crossbreed
Age: 10 weeks old (approx.)
Current location: Cambridge area
Adoption fee: $250

She’s smart, she’s sweet and she is a sprinkle of sass! Meet one of our latest recruits’ looking for her new family; Nala.

Nala is full of life and energy, she loves to spend her days exploring and playing. She is a strong-willed, confident and a social young puppy who is good with cats and great with other dogs (she can also be a little mischief maker and if she thinks she has the opportunity to boss around some of our younger puppy residents she will).

She loves meeting people and having cuddles and snuggles. A good listener and a quick learner she has heaps of potential to make a fabulous, fun-loving and loyal family addition. 

She is only a baby so she is looking for a new family who will commit to her for the duration of her life (next 13+ years!), you will need to be patient and willing to commit the time, love and energy into ongoing training, including house training and ongoing socialisation). Nala is far too young to be left alone for long periods of time, she will need some daytime company (another dog is ok), and she will need to sleep inside the house as part of the family.

Her dad is a mastiff and her mum a staffy/whippet, we believe she may grow into a medium sized dog.

Nala’s adoption includes:

• Spey
• Microchipping 
• Council and NZCAR registration
• Vaccinations
• Treated regularly for fleas & worms
• Adopted with 30 days free pet insurance (conditions apply)

There is an adoption fee of $250 to help us cover some of the above costs.

You must have a fully fenced, secure property to safely contain Nala, she must have access to inside the house. Property & council checks apply.

Please PHONE 027 649 9088 to chat about the home and lifestyle that you can offer. No texts or emails.

Annie & Asta

Breed: Cattledog X

Current location: Cambridge area

Adoption fee: $250 (each)

**Asta has been adopted**

Meet Annie & Asta, 11 week old Cattle x (we think) pups. We expect these pups to be med size, however since we dont know there breeding for sure, we cant be 100% on their size when fully grown. 

These cute pups are looking for a family to commit to them for their lifetime. People who will teach them right from wrong, give them the exercise, companionship & love that they need. A family to allow them inside when they are home and will treat them as part of their family. 

The pups are shy at first, however are getting better each day as they get used to new things. They are good around dogs and cats. They love being around people and especially love cuddles. They are not used to be around children, however we believe they will be fine if given the right training (kids & dogs). 

Pups will be desexed prior to going to their new homes, they will have 2 vaccinations, are microchipped which will be registered on the NZ Companion Animal Register, council registered for the new year 2018/2019 and up to date with flea & worm treatments. Adoption fee is $250.00. 

Pups are located in Cambridge. Property checks will be carried out prior to adoption. Location is no problem for property checks aa long as you are prepared to travel to meet the pups.

Please PHONE 027 649 9088, if no answer flick a text through and we will get back to you. 

Adoption process: - *Chat about the puppy and the home you are offering. *We arrange a meet and greet with you & the puppy. *If all goes well we then arrange a property inspection to check fencing. *Puppy gets desexed and you pick pup up.

Dotti's puppies

Breed: Crossbreed

Current location: Cambridge area

Adoption fee: $250 (each)

Update 18/06- 1 x brindle male, 1 x brindle female and 1 x bw female adopted. We have 3 of this litter remaining

Dotti's pups are ready and waiting for you! These 6 bundles of cuteness are full of mischief and fun. They are 8 weeks old (approx.) and we are taking expressions of interest for their new homes now. 

We believe mum to be a Bull Terrier X Heeler and we have no idea what dad is. We expect the pups to be around Dotti's size which was slightly smaller than a Labrador. Their mum has a wonderful, kind nature. 

There are 4 females and 2 males, 3 brindles and 3 black in colour, all have their own unique personalities and require a commitment for life. You will need to put the time into training your pup, and they will need some daytime companionship, (dog Ok), as they are too young to be left on their own for long periods of time. A fenced area that the pup will be safe in now and when they are older. 

Pups will need to be allowed to sleep inside as a member of your family. You will work hard to ensure your new puppy receives everything he or she needs, training, exercise, food, love, vet care......the pups have not been around children much, however will be fine as long as the correct supervision and training are given (child(ren) and pup(s)). They are super social and have been around bigger dogs and cats. 

Adoption fee includes desexing, first vaccination, new owner MUST complete vaccination course of two more vaccinations. Pups will come with a council registration 2018/2019 and they are microchipped which is registered on the NZ Companion Animal Register. Pups are up to date with flea and worm treatments. Desexing will be discussed with the prospective new owners at time of phone enquiry. Adoption fee is $250.00.

Pups are located in Cambridge, you MUST phone to chat about the home you are offering prior to making arrangements to view the pups. Property checks will be carried out and can be done no matter where the prospective new owners live. We will not send pups anywhere without people meeting first.

Please leave a voice message if no answer. Phone 027 649 9088.


Breed: Bull Terrier x Heeler/Kelpie

Age: 2-4 years

Current location: Rotorua

Adoption fee: $250

We are wanting to find a awesome home for our dear Dotti. She is still feeding her pups at the moment so wont be ready for a good few weeks but if we can start the process now then she wont have as long to wait.

We know nothing about her including what her breeding is, however we think Bull Terrier x Heeler/Kelpie & maybe even abit of something else. Her age is also unknown but we are estimately 2-4 years old. 

She has met 4 other dogs in her foster home and is fine with them. She shows an interest in cats however listens to a stern no. Dotti will need work on this if going to a home with exisiting cats. She isnt showing any interest in horses & goats through a fence. 

Dotti is super snuggly & loves human contact. She will make a loyal companion to a lucky person/family. She is aware of her human and listens to commands although she will need to be taught the basics sit, down etc. 

Dotti will be desexed prior to going to her new home. She will be vaccinated, microchipped which will be registered on the NZ companion animal register, council registered, up to date with flea & worm trearments & 30days free pet insurance. Adoption cost is $250.00.

You will have good fencing to keep Dotti contained & she will be allowed to be indoors with her humans at night. Usual process of property inspection prior to any adoption. 

Located in Rotorua 

Phone (no texts) to discuss Dotti & the home you are offering. Donna 027 649 9088.

Karapiro pups

Breed: Cattledog x

Current location: Karapiro

Adoption fee: $250 each

These beautiful fun loving girls are  looking for their forever homes. 

They are currently in a busy foster home with other dogs, cats & horses. They are active pups and not suited to being left on their own all day, another dog for company would be ok. 

You will need to continue with their training and they will be a great addition to your family. 

We have no idea the breed of these pups. Maybe some cattle type x terrier? We believe they will be medium to large breed dogs. They are not Fox Terriers and will not be a small breed dog. They are now 12 weeks old. 

Pups are fully vaccinated, desexed prior to going to new home, council registered, microchipped which we will register on the NZ Companion Animal Register up to date with flea & worm treatments and 30days free pet insurance. Adoption fee is $250.00.

We will need to check your fencing prior to finialising any adoption. We do not send dogs sight unseen. Pups are located in Karapiro just out of Cambridge for viewing. 

Phone Donna 027 649 9088 to discuss (no texts).

Please note we do not process adoptions via text. 
Adoption process is as follows:-
1. Phone to discuss. 
2. If suitable, arrange meet & greet with puppy. 
3. Property inspection. 
4. If all approved you are now the proud owner of a puppy.

Community rehome

Pepper is 2 years old & has been a family pet since she was 8 weeks old, but she sadly needs a new home. This is not an easy decision for the family so please be respectful, no negative comments. 

Pepper currently lives on a lifestyle block but her owners are now both working full time & Pepper doesnt cope with being on her own for the long hours. Its not fair her being locked up in a kennel & run for long hours and she gets bored and goes wandering.

Pepper needs to be somewhere that she can run and burn off all of her excess energy and use her brain, then shes happy. A farm/lifestyle property would be perfect. 

Her heritage is unknown as she was picked up as a stray, but we think she looks like a Huntaway x but we really have no idea. She weights around 23kg. 

Pepper has a lovely loyal nature, is super intelligent, and is VERY eager to please. She has basic training, (eg. come, sit, wait, off you go, and knows to sit on her mat when inside) and would easily learn new commands quickly.

She is excellent with children (lives with 2 older kids), she isnt great around very young children under 6years as she can be abit mouthy.

Pepper can be abit over excited with other dogs, she just wants to be friends with them all, but can try and herd them which can cause issues. She has not lived with cats before but is good with sheep, goats and chooks. 

Ideally a farm or lifestyle property would suit Pepper, you will need an area to contain her in when no one is home. A property inspection will be carried out prior to adoption. 

Pepper is desexed, fully vaccinated, council registered, microchipped which is registered on the NZ Companional Animal Register and is up to date with flea and worm treatments. A small donation to New Lives Rescue is asked.

Pepper is located in Cambridge area.

In the first instance please phone Donna 027 649 9088 to discuss Pepper and the home you may be offering.

Breed: Rotti x
Age: 2 years
Current location: Hamilton

This is the lovely Loki who is currently being fostered by the vet nurse who literally saved his life.

At a guess Loki is a Rotti x with something smaller (25kg), but we really have no idea. 

He's around 2yrs old, desexed, is fully vaccinated, microchipped, council registered and up to date with flea & worm treatment. His foster family paid for his vetcare so we would like to get a 'donation' for an adoption fee which will go back to them, (not that they want it) pay what you feel is appropiate. 

Loki's story: He came to his foster mum as his owners were moving abroad and couldn't find a home for him. After calling around for help they were told they might have to put him to sleep if they couldn't find anyone to care for him. After meeting Loki there was no way that was going to happen. 

We think the reason he struggled to get a home was because he has some skin problems. Although he seemed quite bad when he was picked up he has vastly improved from just being on the right food and a little bit of medication. He is well on his way to looking great! Please dont let this put you off him. His meds are estimated to cost at most $20-$25 a month, thats only $5.00 - $6.00 a week. 

Loki is an incredibly loving dog. He loves cuddles, pats and tummy rubs. He gets on extremely well with his foster mums dog, they play all day long then cuddle up on the couch together.

Loki gets on well with all other dogs hes comes into contact with. He is used to being around children, young and older, hes very gentle with them and just gives them a kiss. We do not know what he is like with cats. He walks very well on the lead.

Loki really deserves to have a wonderful loving forever home. He is a beautiful soul who didn't have the greatest start to life, he deserves to live the rest of his life in total comfort and happiness. His home would ideally be with another dog, he will be allowed inside the home when his humans are home and a property check will be carried out prior to any adoption. 

If you are interested in Loki please phone 027 649 9088 to chat. 

Located in Hamilton

Labrador NOT for adoption.

Breed: Labrador
Age: 12 months old
Current location: Cambridge

Meet Ronny, his only mistake barking. Dont be mistaken Labradors need exercise, stimulation, training & love. 

Ronny has been surrendered to us due to his barking during the day when hes on his own. He needs company and is not suited to just sitting in a backyard. His old owners want the best for Ronny but has found neighbour complaints tough & they no longer have the time to give to Ronny. We are on the hunt for Ronny's final home. 

This boy is a cool dude, I like him alot, he is used to children. He can get very excited when first meeting people & will need training on this. We are looking for committed people for Ronny. 

Ronny needs training and plenty of exercise & stimulation. He will be allowed to sleep inside his new home. We feel he would benefit from another dog in his new home with an active lifestyle. 

Ronny is doing fabulous at daycare and loves his toys, he will happily play fetch with you for ages. He wants company! He will need training on chasing cats, this is not nasty & should be well doable for someone if the work is put in (im happy to assist with this). 

Desexed, fully vaccinated (parvo, lepto, kennel cough), Council registration for 2018/2019, Microchipped with NZ Companion Animal Registration, up to date with flea & worm treatment. Adoption fee $350.00.

We will not choose the first person that comes along, we want to match Ronny to the right family for his last forever home. 

A property check will be carried out prior to any adoption & a vet reference will be required. We do not send our dogs anywhere, you need to come and meet him. 

Please phone 027 649 9088.