New Lives Animal Rescue launched their Horse Rescue Division at Equidays in October 2015. We feel very honoured and privileged to be named one of Equiday's 2015 Charity of the Year.

The specialised division has a committed and experienced horse welfare team headed by Michelle, together with her team she works tirelessly to save, rehabilitate and care for as many horses as our funds allow.

If you would like to help us save more horses please contact Michelle on 027 431 8082 or email us at newlivesrescue@xtra.co.nz

If you would like to Donate to our Horse Rescue Division Funds, are account details are below:

ANZ 06 0301 0222 483 00

Please specify "Horse Rescue" in the reference section. If you would like a receipt please email newlivesrescue@xtra.co.nz

Meet the Rescues (scroll down this page to meet some of our Rescues, past and present)

July 2016 - 4 x HORSES RESCUED

New Lives Rescue have taken into care 4 horses in one of the worst cases of horse neglect we have come across.

A very sad 6 yr old chestnut Thoroughbred mare who the vet gave a condition score of zero. Her 6 month old foal who has
not had feeds off Mummy as she has no milk.

A big Thoroughbred gelding, condition score of 1 and an X-bred gelding in very light condition.

All are covered in terrible rain scald with big pus sores and the 2 big boys have wither abcesses.The poor mare would have died without immediate help as the owners had gone down given them lots of hay and huge grain feeds so when we arrived the poor mare had choke and we immediately called the vet.

The vet and Dentist have spent most the afternoon here today treating the horses, the mare was found to have teeth so bad she was unable to chew anything. She will need to stay on soaked feeds and a small amount of grass with no hay for now.
New Lives Rescue are committed to the care and rehab of these horses and we really hope to be able to bring you positive updates on their progress. It will be a long slow recovery for the 2 worst horses especially.

We have received messages from people asking if they can help. If you would like to help contribute to their rehab please donate to New Lives Animal Rescue (We are a registered charity so we can email you a tax invoice) 

060301 0222483 00 Reference - Horses

Seven Sharp Interview (aired Monday 15 August 2016) Watch it here

Each of the 4 horses rescued in this case are featured below.
October 2016 Update: ADOPTED

  • Danny 
  • Thouroughbred gelding 
  • 10 years old

Danny is now fully rehabbed and looking for that special forever home. Danny is a Thoroughbred gelding and has just turned 10 years old and is approx. 15.3-16hh.

We have hopped on Danny to see what he was like to ride and even after many months off he was a superstar to jump on. Danny has raced but then just been a hack so is in no way schooled or jumped, however he is very keen to please and very willing and we think with the right home, he does have the potential to be a fantastic allrounder.  Danny will need to go to someone who will bring him back into work slowly
and put some time into training him. He loves to be doing something and enjoys all the attention. He is super easy on the ground to catch, groom and tack up. Easy to change covers without a halter in the paddock, fantastic for the farrier and will float. Danny will need someone with experience. Due to his greenness he is not suitable for beginners or nervous riders.
Danny has an adoption fee of $250 and comes with his waterproof summer cover. An adoption agreement and home check will be required.

Please contact Michele 0274318082
Photo gallery on left shows progression photos from July 2016 to date.
October 2016 update *adopted*


New Lives Earl Grey has recently been adopted into his new forever home after piling on the condition and looking and feeling well with us.

He has a super new home and we look forward to future updates of the lovely Earl Grey. 

July 2016: New Lives Earl Grey is a big grey, handsome, X-bred gelding who was signed into New Lives care in very light condition. This poor boy was once very much loved and at only 6years old, it was sad to see him under developed for his age. He has the most beautiful quiet nature and is a pleasure to handle. He is on theroad to recovery and is going to be a big gorgeous boy once all filled out.  Earl Grey also had a painful wither abscess and rain scald all over him.

Photo gallery on left shows progression photos from July 2016 to date.

  • Gaby
  • Thoroughbred mare
  • 6 years old
  • 15hh

New Lives Gaby is a 6 year old chestnut thoroughbred mare approx. 15.1hh. Gaby came into our care in emaciated condition and has amazed us all with her recovery, especially while feeding her foal. Gaby has the most sweetest nature and is super quiet and easy to do anything with.

Gaby has severe dental issue’s which we are continuing to work on and we expect her to make a full recovery.

Gaby will be up for adoption to a super special home once fully rehabbed.

Photo gallery on left shows progression photos from July 2016 to date.
October 2016 Update: ADOPTED

  • Prince
  • Colt foal
  • 7 months old

New Lives Prince is a chestnut weanling gelding to mature pony height. Prince is out of New Lives Gaby, a 15.1hh chestnut Thoroughbred mare and he is by a welsh pony stallion approx. 12hh.

Prince was born on 22 November 2015. Prince is very showy and has a lovely temperament. We think he will make 
the best kids pony in time.

Prince has an adoption fee of $500 to help cover his gelding costs. A home check and an adoption contract is required.

Please contact Michele 0274318082

Photo gallery on left shows progression photos from July 2016 to date.


New Lives William and Gracie are now ready to find a long term, committed home. They MUST stay together! These two little cuties are only very tiny so are not suitable for children to ride or even sit on!
Their ideal home would be with someone who has lots of time to spend with them, is experienced with small ponies and happy to provide for all their needs.

William is 10years old and Gracie is 1.5years old. Their adoption fee is $200 each which includes their winter covers and you will need to sign our adoption contract which states they must stay together and not be onsold and if for any reason you can no longer keep them, they need to come back to New Lives. They are located near Cambridge. Please contact Michele 0274318082 or email libertylane@xtra.co.nz

MAY 2016 - **ADOPTED**- "IRIS" (photos below)

New Lives Iris came into our care late last year in terrible condition. We have done lots of work to rehab her and now feel she is ready to find her forever home. 

Iris is a Thoroughbred mare, 15.1hh and 13 yrs old. Iris is a pleasure to do anything with, she is a real character and just lovely to have around. 

She would make a great best friend for someone that just loves to have a horse around. She would stand to be groomed and scratched all day long and follows you around everywhere. 

She has been out of work for at least 3 years but we have hopped on her and given her a few rides. She will need a confident relaxed rider with soft hands. She is not suitable for nervous riders or beginners. 

Iris is up to date with teeth, feet and worming. She happily goes on a truck but we haven't tried her on a float. She is very easy to do anything with, her one vice is at feed time, she is very protective of her feed bucket! (very understandable after being starved!) 

Iris will need a home who will be able to feed her well and have at least one other horse for a companion. 

An adoption contract will need to be signed and a home check done for Iris. 
Adoption fee - $500

For more info about Iris please contact Michele 0274318082 

9 December 2015: New Arrivals

Today saw this beautiful mare and 4 alpacas come into care. We are unable to go into details surrounding the situation, however these animals are now under New Lives care. (none of these animals are currently up for adoption).

The mare is very underweight and has a mystery painful skin condition that the vet has seen and we will be trying different treatments to clear this. 

The alpacas are being shorn tomorrow as well as having hoof care etc done. (The alpacas are all males.)

If you would like to help in anyway to bring these animals back to full health your donations would be welcome.

ANZ 06 0301 0222483 00

**Please ensure you reference "mare".

If you have any feed or hay that you no longer need or wish to donate please email newlivesrescue@xtra.co.nz

Below is a gallery, featuring some photos of the new arrivals and their condition. We will be adding photos to the gallery over the duration of their rehabilitation etc.

Hope & Faith's Rescue Story:

Heavily pregnant  and emaciated, Hope came into the care of New Lives Animal Rescue on 18th September 2015 after her ex owner put her on the dog tucker truck saying she wouldn't make it to foaling!

Hope is unhandled, didn't know what hard feed was or even hay which made things very difficult to get weight on her, being on grass it just went straight through her and her poo was like water! So I went to the animal homoeopath and got some remedies to put on her cut grass all the while putting out every type of hay/balage I could find and different hard feeds.

Hope foaled 6 days after arriving a healthy but weak filly foal we named Faith. Faith couldn't stand on her own so for the next 2 days every couple of hours we had to get her up to feed. This was made extra hard by Hope attacking when anyone went near her foal. I have to say a huge thank
you to Mark and Vicky who came out in the early hours of the morning when Hope foaled to help me get the foal up and drinking! And a thank you to Leigh who spent the next night with me getting up every 2 hours to help get Hope away so we could get Faith up to drink!

Finally after 2.5 weeks she started to eat some hard feed, such a relief! Once eating I was able to add Dynavyte to her feed to help her tummy which made a huge difference and she has continued to improve since. She now loves her hard feed and her and Faith are doing amazingly and piling on the weight. She remains unhandled and not wanting you near her but this will come in time I'm sure.

It's now December 2015 and both Hope and Faith are making impressive progress, there is still a long road ahead and plenty of rehabilitation needed before these beautiful souls can be placed for adoption, keep following us to share on Hope and Faith's journey to recovery and eventually new, loving homes.

If you would like to donate to Hope and Faith's care, please find the bank account details below:

ANZ 06 0301 0222 483 00

**Please reference "HOPE", If you require a receipt please email newlivesrescue@xtra.co.nz

Below is a photo gallery featuring some photos of Hope & Faith, we will continue to add photos to the gallery as these beautiful girls develop...

William's Rescue Story

William came into care on the 23rd October 2015, after found being neglected and in a terrible state. William was 10 year old, was terribly cow hocked, had dental issues and his feet needed treatment. thank you to the following individuals who offered their services to William:  our fantastic dentist Annmarie Hughes, feet done by number one farrier Calvin Day and bodywork done by the one person I couldn't do without to help all the rescue's, Vicky McCallum.